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AIS = The Automatic Identification System is an automatic tracking system that uses transceivers on ships and is used by vessel traffic services (VTS).
AIS operates principally on two dedicated frequencies or VHF channels:

AIS 1: 161.975 MHz- Channel 87B (Simplex, for the ship to ship)
AIS 2: 162.025 MHz- Channel 88B (Duplex, for the ship to shore)

There is also AIS Long Range that uses short messages so theoreticaly the range can be higher.This is currently used much less.

channels (LR):

AIS 3: 156.775 MHz- Channel 75
AIS 4: 156.825 MHz- Channel 76

AIS detected by my local station click here. Another station in the area is PE0F click here.

Software used at my side is now the 2 channel (with AIS long range support) AIS Catcher from Jasper.

Some more info on AIS check the links bellow:


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Used hardware

KerberosSDR v1.6

Ebay SDRplay

Example setup

Ham It Up V1.2

SpyVerter 2


Teleste OV-8420

X7000N 2m-8.3db / 70cm-11.7db / 23cm-13.7db

V2000 6m-2,1db / 2m-6,2db / 70cm-8,4db

Diamond D-130

Optiplex D790 [I7-8Gb]

Solar Cycle 25 conditions



SPRPlay 2

LimeSdr mini

SdrPlay RSP1A


6m Delta Loop

Dak webcam snapshot

If active snap every 15min.

Timestamp last image received :


ACARS received over last hour(s) :

See above info in full new screen! Or see some ADSB stats received on 1090Mhz.


DAB+ stations received here JO21ut:

Meer over DAB+ is ook op de website te vinden.
Bij een van de rondes was dit ook een onderwerp/presentatie.

Dutch DAB+ sations

Found 8 device(s):
  0:  RTL-SDR KerberosSDR   SN 00000001  A VHF/UHF/SHF X7000N
  1:  RTL-SDR KerberosSDR   SN 00000002  B AIS
  2:  RTL-SDR KerberosSDR   SN 00000003  C HF bands HyEndFed 10/80m
  3:  RTL-SDR KerberosSDR   SN 00000004  D 50Mhz/VHF/UHF or V2000
  4:  Realtek RTL2838UHIDIR SN 00000001  E HF bands 80 meter long wire 1:49
  5:  Realtek RTL2832U      SN 00001236  ADSB
  6:  Realtek RTL2838UHIDIR SN 00000001  ACARS
  7:  Realtek RTL2838UHIDIR SN 00000101  Radiosonde HAB
  8:  Realtek RTL2838UHIDIR SN 00000013  6m Delta loop
      SDRplay RSP1 Ebay model            F FM Broadcast / Fun on discone
      FIFI SDR                           HF bands MLA-30+ loop
For reference ADSB tool used on Linux (focal) is ModesDeco2 v20210307 click here to download.

Antennas used:
The LOG (Loop On Ground) antenne really works well try it if you can fit it in your garden. Great RX antenna.
A bit more on LOG you can find here also. Receive examples to listen to : Click here.

Preamp used: (from another antenna system called Flag/Pennant LOOP)

Some video's on LOG
Video 1 loop on ground build.
Video 2 loop on ground compare.
Video 3 loop much bigger test.
Video 4 loop with preamp.

Convert a LOG antenna to a LIG (Loop In Ground) just put it about 2 cm under the soil :)

More details about the MLA-30+ circuit / antenna and more