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Wijchen, Netherlands | Loc: JO21ut, ASL: 10 m





Panorama Wijchen
8 SDR Receivers operated by: Receiver Operator Devices: KerberosSDR (4xRTL_SDR) & some Sdrplay dongles on I7 - 8Gb Ubuntu 20.04
Antenna on A: (splitter) X7000N at 12 meter Antenna on B: (splitter) X7000N at 12 meter ( see ais )
Antenna on C: (splitter) Ham It Up 1.2 HF converter with HF Endfed 24 meter long at 12/3 meter Antenna on D: (splitter) X7000N at 12 meter
Antenna on E: (splitter) SpyVerter R2 HF converter with about 80 meter wire east-west. Antenna on SDRplay: Could be anything left :)
A live QO-100 decoder click here or this one here or this one A RadioSonde tracker can be found here here and my tracker here
Try this WEBsdr in Bergharen from PE0F antenna height 25m Website: For more frequencies check the database
Stations connected 24/7 will be banned with their IP! AIS Station JO21ut click here
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Support and information: Mailinglist
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